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Career Opportunities at the Arc of Appalachia

Land Management Internship

Internship Duration: Late March or April 1 (as available) to June 15, 2015
Posted: 1/28/2015
Applications Due: February 28, 2015 or as long as openings remain.
Positions are still available

About the Internship Program

The Arc of Appalachia is a non-profit nature preservation organization located in the in the rural Appalachian foothills of southern Ohio. The Arc manages 15 preserves with three public visitor centers. The Arc buys and stewards natural areas, hosts nature education programs and courses, and preserves Ohio’s rich heritage of ancient American Indian legacy sites. The Arc is located in a region boasting the densest number of ancient mounds and earthworks in the entire world, and stewards Serpent Mound, as well as three other monumental earthworks.

The Arc is looking for Land Management Interns. The Arc of Appalachia’s preserve system includes over 5,000 acres of wildlands in fifteen biodiversity-rich preserve regions. Land Management Interns will work with staff to permanently remove non-native invasive plant species that threaten biodiversity in the Arc’s preserve lands.

Land Management interns will be trained in the field to recognize and effectively remove invasive species, identify up to 50 of the most common trees and shrubs, and to have the skills to evaluate a tract of land and prepare a management plan. Interns will be taught valuable land management skills which can be used to gain employment, or perform freelance work in a field that is quickly increasing in importance and demand. The internship program includes at least one day per week of educational enrichment – a customized opportunity to work in chosen skill areas. The Arc staff is available to mentor interns in a variety of possible topics in the realm of natural history, land management, non-profit administration and operations, and outdoor education. Interns are encouraged to choose at least one new skill to focus upon during their internship and help create their curriculum of study.

Interns will be working out of the Arc’s largest preserve, the beautiful Highlands Nature Sanctuary on the Rocky Fork Gorge (link). Usage of very small quantities of over-the-counter herbicides are involved in some of the work, safely applied with an eye dropper. No aerial spraying is performed. Small woody shrubs are pulled out by hand or with the aid of shovels.

Qualifications & Requirements

Compensation & Benefits


About the Arc of Appalachia

The Arc of Appalachia manages a total of 5,000 acres of natural areas in south central Ohio in fourteen different preserve regions. The Arc maintains three main visitation centers: Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Fort Hill, and Serpent Mound - the latter two sites in partnership with the Ohio Historical Society. Public facilities also include a hiking trail complex, and a residential education center.

Non-profit Mission

The Arc of Appalachia Preserve System’s mission is to preserve, restore, and reunite the greater Appalachian Forest through education, land acquisition and enduring stewardship – protecting the forest’s magnificent diversity, understanding human relationships with the forest, and fulfilling our yearning for connection.

The ultimate goal of the Arc is to ignite a cultural transformation in Eastern United States in which its people claim the forest as their home, have a greater awareness of its natural history and contribute to its protection.

Since its inception in 1995, the Arc has raised funds to purchase, re-unite and preserve over eighty separate properties. In education, the Arc offers courses and workshops on the Eastern Forest’s world significance as a biome, its natural communities and ecology, and conservation stewardship; as well as a large variety of related events.

More about the Arc of Appalachia

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