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Dear Friends of Ohio's Native American Legacies,

Junction Saved from Auction!
In March of 2014, the Arc of Appalachia and a coaliton of non-profits succeeded in buying Junction Earthworks on the south side of Chillicothe off the auction block in what went down in history as a dramatic, hair-raising, 11th hour save. The successful purchase protected the intact foundations of a complex of nine earthworks, 1.25 miles of river corridor on Paint Creek, and 100 acres of forestland - 193 acres altogether.

It Was A Grass-Roots Miracle! But our work is far from done.
In just 8 days, we managed to raise over $350,000 in funds from concerned citizens and succeeded in being awarded an additional $1.1 million dollars through a Clean Ohio grant. Everyone who was part of this victory knew they were participating in a miracle.

Progress BarJUNCTION FOREVER CAMPAIGN. Raising funds NOW for enduring park operations FOREVER.
As phase II of our work, we are now committed to transforming Junction into an educational public park and nature preserve, developing it with hiking trails and interpretive displays. Because there are NO TAX DOLLARS for Junction’s operations, a citizen supported endowment fund has been created to fill the annual need for operations. Our goal is to raise a total of $250,000 in this fund, which can then produce annual income for this special purpose. This balance would produce sufficient income a year for basic park services...FOREVER.

Please make a donation to this fund at a amount comfortable for you, whether it be $50 or $5000. A year ago, Junction raised the consciousness of thousands of Ohio's citizens for the immense archaeological treasures hidden in our own backyards. Once the park is open to the public, this message can be retold every year to new and ever wider audiences - serving forever to be the juncture between our present, and the rich mysteries of our past.



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