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Saved on the Auction Block!

THE MARCH 18 2014 AUCTION IS OVER and we are delighted to announce that Junction Earthworks has been SAVED!!!

If you pledged your support, please send your contribution now so we can certify completion of the required matching funds for the major grant that has made this purchase possible.


Do you realize we only began our web-based campaign just EIGHT days before the action?! This is a heady conservation victory for the citizens of Ohio. It's good to know such an grassroots effort on this scale is possible. Go Team!

Because of your generosity, we were able to save the entire farm except a large 170-plus acre farm field, which was the lowest tract on our priority acquisition list. HERE'S WHAT WE DID SAVE: the 89 acre earthworks tract, two separate tracts of forest (for which we were bidding against developers), and a third tract of river corridor along Paint Creek. The corridor is 1.2 miles long and contains a beautiful mature floodplain forest along the oxbow.

Here's some number crunching for you. We bought 102 acres of forest, the earthworks, and a total of 192 acres of land for a total of roughly $1.1 million. Our average per/acre cost was $5751.

As you can see, we raised roughly $375,000 through the generosity of over 900 donors, funds which we will use to leverage a Clean Ohio grant to pay the remaining balance of acquisition funds needed. If you pledged your support or wouldlike to contribute, please send your donation now.

On the day before the auction it was brought our attention something we didn't know. Beneath the corn stubbles of the earthwork tract are ancient burials. We didn't just save an earthworks site, we preserved an ancient cemetery. May they now rest in peace.

We will have more news within the next few days on our budget and plans to develop the lands we will be purchasing into a park and preserve. Meanwhile we will be continuing to raise funds for the Junction Works for the purpose of land restoration and stewardship, a hikng trail, and interpretive signs. Send Your Donation Now for Land Stewardship & Visitor Services

Our long-term goal? To add this site to Hopewell Culture National Historical Park for long-term management, and legislate its eligibility for nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View a video about Junction Earthworks.

The bar to the left shows the total pledges made to the Arc and the other coalition partners right up to auction time.

Magnetic Survey of Junction Group Earthworks

A magnetic survey shows the perfect, intact foundations of the Junction Group. Photo courtesy Jarrod Burks.



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